9 Tips for Taking the Perfect Social Media Photo


Tips for Taking the Perfect Social Media Photo

Images are an incredibly important part of social media content. They are the face of your profile, brand, or company! Photos draw attention to publications, encourage reading text, present your product in all its glory, and help people decide to buy or subscribe. Before you post a photo on social media, you need to perform gadget photo compare and analysis.

Top 9 secrets of perfect photo content for social media

The same product can be shown in very different ways: to emphasize the advantages or vice versa, to highlight all the shortcomings. If you are a blogger and write really interesting and useful texts, then cool photos will bring even more subscribers to your profile. But photos of poor quality can scare people away and they just won’t get to reading. Scrolled through in the feed without looking. The order of the photos also makes a big difference, setting the tone and style of the entire account.

Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the quality of your visual content. Here are a few secrets on how to make it almost perfect, even if you are not a photographer or designer, and you do not have the opportunity to organize a professional photoshoot.

Secret 1

Select images in the same color scheme or the same style, use the same filters. All images must have something in common. This makes your account unique and recognizable. You can use ready-made templates. But in this case, you need to make sure that the images themselves fit well in them.

Secret 2

Do not neglect the processing in photo editors. At least minimally: adjust the contrast and brightness, align, crop, add sharpness, and so on.

Secret 3

Choose a good background for your photos. This is equally important for portraits and subject photography. When taking a selfie, make sure that the background is clean and tidy, and that no unnecessary objects are lying around. If you are on the street, make sure that there are no garbage cans or dirty walls in the surrounding landscape (unless this is, of course, the author’s idea). For shooting objects, try to use the same background — this will help maintain a single style of the account.

Secret 4

Become acquainted, at least in general terms, with the basic rules of composition in photography. Take care of the focus: the image should be clear, not blurred.

Secret 5

Collages are out of fashion. The images on them are too small and do not allow you to clearly see the details. If it’s not a deliberate move – just put all the photos in one post.

Secret 6

If you’re captioning the image, use the same set of fonts for that. And it’s better to have no more than three (ideally no more than two).

Secret 7

Plan the photo content and distribute it nicely in the grid of posts. It is very convenient to use special programs and applications for this purpose. If you take a lot of photos of yourself (or other people), make sure that the photos are different. Very often you can come across accounts with a huge number of portraits taken from the same angles, with the same facial expressions. It’s dull. Play with your facial expressions and poses, tamper with them, try different points and techniques! And don’t overdo the processing. To smooth out the roughness of the skin, you can completely erase your nose and cheekbones, make your face unnatural.

Secret 8

Try not to fill your account with stock photos. People get tired of looking at the same images, flickering from one account to the next. Make your own photos – they attract much more attention (plus, smart feeds love author photos and give them more coverage). And if you’re using other people’s images, strictly respect the copyright.

Secret 9

The image must reflect the essence of the post, to illustrate what you are writing about. Text and photo should be inextricably linked and complement each other, not mislead readers. 

In conclusion

Observe other people’s good and beautifully designed accounts as often as possible. Subscribe to recognized professionals. Flipping through the feed, mark what you liked, what attracted you. Try to repeat it yourself. Sooner or later, you will see enough of the beautiful, and the quality of your work will inexorably improve. And then you can also create content that everyone will like!

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