Twitter Increased It’s Tweet Character Limit To 280 Characters !


Twitter Increased It's Tweet Character Limit To 280 Characters

If you have been using Twitter for a while, then you know that Twitter has been reportedly testing 280 Character Tweets internally. That feature has finally rolled out for everyone. So, previously we were able to Tweet with 140 Characters & for many people including me, that limit wasn’t enough most of the time. The limit short in most cases so, many people used to write multiple tweets with Tweet Numbers like 1/2 , 2/2 etc.

Twitter was aware of the fact & they were testing Tweets with 280 words by rolling this feature to a limited amount of users. After that change stood out to them, they have now enabled this feature for everyone. During the evaluation period they found that, only 5% of the Tweets were longer than 140 characters and only 2% went over 190 characters. So, it’s pretty safe to say that 190 Characters was a decent length. But, some people still need longer Tweets so, they kept the length at 280 Characters anyway.



That’s actually nice to have but, hey Twitter, can you please give us an option to edit our Tweets ? That is something everyone wants & something you don’t want to enable on your platform. I mean all the other social networks are running this feature without any issue so, what’s the point for you to hold back ?

The increased character length will definitely be helpful to most of the people & we guess we are in the list as well. Anyway, do you follow us on Twitter yet ? If not, our ID is @geeksnipper so, feel free to Follow Us there !

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