UFS 3.0 To Come With Double Data Transfer Speeds Over UFS 2.1 !


When UFS 1.0 was announced, we were pretty exited for it. Finally way faster transfer speeds compared to traditional MMC & eMMC translating to a huge upgrade over the File Transfer Speeds & System Response times. UFS 2.0 & UFS 2.1 took the game to the next level with huge speed bumps over UFS 1.0. Now, the next generation of UFS storage is on it’s way.

So yes, we are talking about UFS 3.0 here. This shall be a huge improvement over the current gen UFS 2.1 . A recent leak suggests that UFS 3.0 will have Double Data Transfer Speeds compared to UFS 2.1 .

UFS 3.0 To Come With Double Data Transfer Speeds Over UFS 2.1

So, in case you don’t know, many of the 2017 Flagships including the Galaxy S8/S8+, Xperia XZ Premium, Huawei P10 Plus have UFS 2.1 Storage (Phison Gen1) ┬áinside & as expected, they are blazing fast. The one on S8 goes really close to 800 MB/s . We don’t have any USS 2.1 Phison Gen2 (1333 MB/s) equipped device as of now. But, the above image shows that the next gen UFS 3.0 will have double the Data Speed compared to Phison Gen 2 type UFS 2.1 translating to 2666 MB/s transfer speeds that is even higher than most of the current gen NVMe SSD’s out right now.

So, with this kind of speed, it’ll probably make a huge impact on both PC & Smartphone industries. Even now, if PC manufacturers want, they may ditch the HDDs & even SATA SSDs for UFS 3.0. This will help to make thinner laptops with super fast storage options. Also, get ready to be blown away with your smartphone’s storage speeds in a couple of years translating to awesome improvements in fields like AR .


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