Google Pixel 2 XL Will Come With Three Color Variant – Along with Android 8.0

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Google Pixel 2 XL Will Come With Three Color Variant – Along with Android 8.0
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Just after the render image leak  of the Google Pixel 2 XL, this time we have another leak regarding the color variant. Similar to last years Blue, Silver & Black, Google Pixel 2 XL will also follow the same. It seems they are not in a mood to give any time to work on the color scheme. Looking at the last render image leak, we have spotted the color might be the same, but the texture of the phone color has a slight upgrade, which looks much alluring than the previous generation Google Pixel.

What’s more interesting in here is that the smartphone will come loaded with the Android 8.0 (I hope it should work fine).

Looking at the render leak, you will find a small change in the color scheme. On the blue & silver Google Pixel the front panel of the phone will be white to keep the unique ness on the phone, whereas the black remain black throughout.

Apart from the color & look, I am still waiting for the specification confirmation.


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