Image Leaked: ASUS Zenfone Zoom Expected To Have A Variant With Leather Back Cover

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Image Leaked: ASUS Zenfone Zoom Expected To Have A Variant With Leather Back Cover
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Zenfone Zoom Limited

We all know that ASUS will launch the Zenfone Zoom on the 1st of December in Taiwan. According to China Times Zenfone Zoom being the first camera phone with 3 x Optical Zoom, thousands of people have already registered for the event. This ensures that people are eager to know what this phone is all about.

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Today I came across a post in one of the know chinese magazine, which leaked the image of Zenfone Zoom with leather back cover. According to the sources I found that the Zenfone Zoom will come with a leather back cover variant.

Zenfone Zoom Limited Edition 1

The variant looks absolutely stunning. The smooth leather finish gives a premium look to the phone. The leather back-cover has the ASUS logo & Intel logo. I am not sure if this will be a limited edition Zenfone Zoom, but this variant will give Zoom more premium finish to it.

I am expecting that people would be surprised at the Zenfone Zoom Launch in Taiwan, if ASUS launch the limited edition leather back-cover phone. Apart from this the phone

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