LG To Launch A “HomeChat” Service: Early Launched In Korea And Following In The US

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LG To Launch A “HomeChat” Service: Early Launched In Korea And Following In The US
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LG HomeChat Service

“HomeChat” is not any other chatting applications,  but a service introduced by US to control your house electronics with the help of your Smartphone Devices.

On December 28th LG Electronics announced the launch of their new service called as “HomeChat” to be soon launched in the US. This new service is invented with the purpose to control your home with your smartphone. This service will soon be launch in the US, but an early launch in Korea is done for testing this service.

We will provide distinguished customer value through HomeChat in the U.S.,one of the world’s largest smart home markets. With the service, we will strengthen our leadership further in the smart home electronics segment.” One of LG Electronic Official said.

This service was first introduced in April 2014 in Korea with Koka Talk and Line. This new service in the US is expected to launch in January 2015. After going through the testing phase they have decided to first launch it in the US and then World Wide.



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