VIVO XPlay5 Image Leaked With Curved Screen – Similar To Samsung Galaxy Edge

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Vivo XPlay 5

It seems that VIVO is all set to launch their VIVO Xplay 5. They are actively leaking news about their upcoming smartphone. Few days back, we came across the new Hi-Fi 3.0 an audio technology and today  we spotted the VIVO Xplay 5 with Curved display image leak. Similar to the Samsung Galaxy Edge, the new Xplay 5 comes with curved display at both the side.


It was told earlier that Xplay5 will come with Curved display, but got confirmed after it was leaked in the Internet. This seems to be one of the best flagship  smartphone of the year 2016. The 6GB RAM ensures better performance with the support of Qualcomm Xiaolong 820 quad-core processor.

This smartphone provides one of the best specification so far. Till now this smartphone is nailing all the smartphone market. We are waiting for March 1st, so that we can see some amazing reviews about the same.



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