300 Mbps WiFi Booster Under Rs. 1000


Even if you buy a good ranged WiFi router, you will still encounter WiFi connectivity problems. One of the biggest reason behind this is the architecture of your house or office. The WiFi frequency travels, where walls & metal objects become an obstacle for them & hence you face Wi-Fi connectivity issues. In this article, we are going to see some of the best 300 Mbps WiFi Booster that I have ever used.

Because of this WiFi booster comes into the picture. WiFi booster helps to boost you WiFi range so that you get seamless WiFi connection. I have come across these problems & hence have tested quite a good amount of WiFi routers.

1. VeeDee Wireless-N WiFi Repeater:

WiFi Booster

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VeeDee is a well known manufactures for components in India. Talking about the VeeDee Wireless-N WiFi; this is one of the best routers that i have used so far. It supports 2.4GHz LAN with a Wi-FI range of 300Mbps. While testing this device, I have sometime noted the WiFi frequency range has increased from 300Mbps to 350Mbps. You get a typical transmission rate of 14 ~17 dBm.

On the front you will find 4 WiFi indicator lights & a RJ45 jack with a reset button on the back. One of the key reason why this booster comes in the 1st place is because of the price. This WiFi booster cost for just Rs.855.00.

2. Leoxsys LEO-300N-R1:

Leoxsys LEO-300N-R1 WiFI Booster

Buy Leoxsys LEO-300N-R1 

Leoxsys’s LEO series router has the best build quality & works amazing. This is another300 Mbps WiFi Booster. The design looks like the normal adapter & the build quality is tough. It looks like a hard plastic material body that can easily sustain few drops without damaging the device.

On the front it has 3 WiFi lights whereas at the bottom it has a Rj45 & a USB 3.0 jack. Towards the right side of this holder you will find the reset button, which feels handy. The WiFi Booster cost for Rs.949.00.

3. Mobilegear Mini Wireless N WiFi Router:

Mobilegear Mini Wireless N WiFi Booster

Buy Mobilegear Mini Wireless N WiFi Router

Mobilegear Mini Wireless N WiFi Router is similar to the VeeDee Wireless N router and gives a similar performance. It has the same 4 WiFI lights on the front, where as you will find a RJ45 jack on the bottom. The small difference between the VeeDee and Mobilegear wifi extender is the logo on the top & a built quality.

This WiFi extender is a bit higher than the VeeDee WiFi booster. The Mobilegear Mini Wireless N WiFi Router cost for Rs.999.00, which is why it comes under 3rd place.

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