AMD To Supply Wireless VR Headset Chip To Boost Their Revenue

AMD is going through a huge loss in the GPU & CPU market as their competitor, Intel & NVIDIA has captured 99% and 70% of market share respectively. The only reason why AMD survived the market was because of their low price products, but Intel & NVIDIA has given a huge attack by reducing their product price range. 2017 seems to be very tough to AMD to survive.

AMD recently has shown their interest in the VR industry as this becomes the only source to sustain in the market. How can claim this? Let’s find out:

Image Source: Nitero

Recently AMD has acquire a start-up manufacturer Nitero. Nitero develops chips to connect the VR headset to your computer wireless & help to share content. This seems to be a huge step taken by AMD as they might have seen the rapid growth of VR industry.

Everyone knows the only problem with VR is the cable attached to it. With AMD getting into VR industry, it seems that we could soon have a hands on the wireless VR headset. Acquiring Nitero, AMD aims to increase their market revenue by supplying wireless headset chip, because of which they could see a rapid growth in their revenue.

Also there has been a news on HTC to bring their first wireless headset in Q2. This could give a boost to AMD to supply wireless VR headset to the industry.



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