5 Gaming Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed


5 Gaming Accessories

The market is flooded with gaming accessories, from headsets and RGB keyboards to high refresh rate monitors and racer-style chairs.

If you already feel like you have kitted yourself out with every accessory you might conceivably need, but still have some cash burning a hole in your pocket, here are a few gamer-friendly products that might catch your eye.


Microfiber cleaning cloth

Whether you spend your time gripping a controller as you take down enemies in Call of Duty: Warzone, or prefer to play live casino games on the go from your smartphone, the unfortunate reality is that your gaming gadget of choice will get dirty over time.

Enter the humble microfiber cleaning cloth, arguably the best way to remove dirt and grime from the best gaming phone screens as well as from PC monitors, PS4 controllers and many other grubby gizmos besides. As well as being hygienic, regular cleaning of your peripherals will also save any embarrassment that might arise if a friend, family member or potential partner stumbles into your gaming den.

Monitor stand

If your preferred place to play games is your home computer, you might already have splashed out on a high end monitor to bring the latest titles to life. However, unless your monitor is properly adjusted, your enjoyment could be spoiled by back pain and bad posture.

Not all monitors are adjustable to the extent that works for your desk setup and body shape, but luckily you can fix this issue affordably by investing in a monitor stand.

Monitor stands not only let you set your screen at the ideal height, but also give you more space on your desk to store your other gaming accessories, which is doubly convenient.

Surge protector

Power surges can do serious damage to your expensive gaming hardware, but plenty of people still plug their hugely valuable kit into the cheapest extension cord that they can find.

The best way to avoid unwanted disasters in this area is by snapping up a surge protector. These are available either as individual pluggable units, or integrated with power strips so that they can keep several devices safe at the same time.

Portable power bank

If gaming on the go is your bag, then having a portable power bank to take with you when you venture out of the house is an absolute necessity. Large capacity power banks have become far more affordable in recent years, meaning you can easily recharge your smartphone two or three times without needing to search for a mains socket.

There are a few respected power bank brands, and the cream of the crop will allow you to charge more than one device at the same time. This means that if you and a friend are hoping to game against one another on a camping trip, you can do so without becoming stranded in the wilderness with two dead batteries.

Customizable controller

While a standard controller from a games console will be adequate for average games, if you are really serious about getting the competitive edge then you will need to spend a bit more money on a premium equivalent.

Popular options include the official Xbox Elite controller from Microsoft as well as third party models like the Razer Raiju. Being able to customize not only the digital inputs but also the physical qualities of these controllers will put you in charge of how it responds to your every flick of the thumbstick.

Hopefully you now have enough inspiration to start looking for new gaming accessories to add to your collection, whatever your budget!

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