5 Problems You Need To Resolve While Traveling Abroad

5 Problems You Need To Resolve While Traveling Abroad
5 Problems You Need To Resolve While Traveling Abroad

It is generally accepted that traveling saves you from problems, allows you to change your environment, put your thoughts in order and give a new charge of energy, impressions, and emotions. And it is really true. Going on a trip, you really leave all your current problems at home – and at the same time, you get the need to solve a number of other problems. In this article, we have compiled a list of the most common issues that you may encounter while traveling abroad, plus adequate ways to solve them. below in this article, we will cover the 5 Problems You Need To Resolve While Traveling Abroad.

The Safety of Your Passport, Money and Credit Cards

Perhaps this is the most important. Even if your baggage is lost, it will not be such a problem as the loss of a passport, money and credit cards. Therefore, this is the very first problem that needs to be taken care of.

Experienced travelers give the following tips.

  • Never use bank cards that do not have a PIN code when traveling.
  • Always have a copy of your passport, or at least photographs of all the pages stored in the gallery on your phone. Moreover, it is always a wise decision to rent a safe if you are staying at a hotel and store all valuables in it.
  • Never go for a walk in the city with a large amount of money in your pocket. And even more so, do not carry all your savings with you – especially if you are going to the most popular tourist places or traveling in a poorly developed country. Here, the previous tip will also be fair – keep money in a safe.
  • Always find out the address of the embassy of your country before traveling, plus stay in touch with your relatives and friends in case of an emergency.

The Language Barrier

As a rule, even basic knowledge of English will be enough for you to survive in any country abroad. However, there are exceptions. For example, English will not help you much in China. And no, we are not talking about coronavirus – the population there really is not very friendly with English.

Therefore, it is recommended that you learn at least a few basic and most useful phrases in the local language if you know that English can be useless. It’s also wise to install an offline translator on your phone – in order to be able to contact someone from the local community and show what do you want to say in text format on the phone. 

Moreover, if you understand that when traveling you need documents translated into the local language, you should contact the translation service in advance for help – The Word Point is one of them, for example.

Possible Health Problems

Never save on travel health insurance. Even if you never use this document, it is still better to have it. Moreover, you need to think about possible health problems in advance. If you have chronic problems, then it is, of course, necessary to have a supply of the medicines you need. Plus, you always need a basic traveler’s first-aid kit. Do some research on the local diseases and illnesses that are native to the location you are traveling to. Websites like TravelHealthConnect contain all the necessary information about possible diseases, wild animals, and foods that you might come in contact with. which must contain medications for

  • colds, cough, fever
  • food poisoning
  • insect bites and allergies
  • sunburn
  • condoms (optional).

Delayed Flights and Other Transportation Issues

This is exactly the circumstance that is not covered by any insurance policies. And problems with transport on travel is a fairly common occurrence, even among experienced travelers. Therefore, here it is possible to give only one piece of advice – be careful and prudent.

For example, sometimes it can be useful to put a spare set of clothes in your hand carry on luggage in case your suitcase accidentally flies on another plane. And also you need to be careful when buying tickets for public transport – in Europe, it is possible to get a fine if you even accidentally travel one stop more than you paid when buying a ticket. And of course, always check your flight details the day before departure.

Housing Surprises

It is very easy to become a victim of fraud when booking in advance. Especially when you are alone in a foreign country. Therefore, you need to protect yourself in advance and prepare for all possible surprises. To do this, book your accommodation only through reliable sites like Booking or Airbnb.

  • Always check the status of your reservation before you travel.
  • Always find out the exact address of your hotel and save this information on your phone.

Well, always be prepared for other surprises – a standard room may turn out to be a tiny closet overlooking the wall of a neighboring building, and the promised breakfast may be limited to one cup of coffee. Just do not let these troubles spoil your mood, and always have a backup option for every possible surprise.


As you can see, travel problems are sometimes inevitable. And they can be part of your journey – as well as the opportunity to gain new experience, draw conclusions and be as prudent as possible the next time. In other words, forewarned means armed, and we hope that this article coped with this task.

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