Aggretsuko The Content Might Look Absurd But It Is Very Relatable


Netflix is about to introduce a new anime called Aggretsuko in just two weeks, Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about this new title as now is the time to know about the Sanrio’s new, red panda which is made for the adult audience.

On 20th April Aggretsuko is making its debut on Netflix, created by Sanrio who is mainly recognized for his cutesy childhood favorite characters like Hello Kitty and Little Miss, Mr. Men, Aggretsuko is all about grown-ups. It follows the story of a red panda named as Ritsuko, working as an office secretary in the corporate world, disappointed by her day job and the neverending oneness for which corporatism is famous.

A timid, confused corporate worker by day, got a soft spot for Heavy Metal Karaoke. Hanging out in a place with music and booze after work will only get understand by the others who came from the same corporate sector.

Aggretsuko and her colleagues are all in the shape of cutesy animals that represents the iconic Sanrio look to adds the charm. But don’t get fooled by the face, heavy metal and the corporate worker is enough to make me check out the show. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty much excited. It will be available to stream on 20th April worldwide, till then enjoy other cool and amazing news by GeekSnipper.

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