Apple Is Using A Dual Battery Configuration For The iPhone X !

Recently, we were hearing a lot of news about the battery of the iPhone 8 expanding & splitting the phone in two pieces. Looks like Apple has tried to ensure that the same issue doesn’t happen with the iPhone X. And, maybe that’s why they have gone with two Small Batteries instead of one Big Battery. At least that’s what a new image tells that came from a recent teardown.


Apple Is Using A Dual Battery Configuration For The iPhone X


So, as you can see in this photo, Apple has organized two smaller batteries in L-shape. If you aren’t aware though this isn’t a completely new approach as we have been seeing this L-shape Battery Approach in Laptops for quite a while now. So, Apple took that approach inside their new high-end Flagship, the iPhone X & the complete system is working like a 2-cell Battery. So, it should be a lot safer now compared to what Apple did in the iPhone 8.

Now, the iPhone X uses a 2716 mAh Battery so, we would have been really happy if you have also used a bigger Battery Apple. At least in that way you could made that Camera bump disappear from the back. But anyway, seeing that Apple is at least trying to provide better hardware security is a good sign & we hope that we’ll not see any expanding iPhone Batteries in the future.





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