Apple May Also Launch An Updated 18:9 iPhone SE In 2018 !


Apple’s iPhone X was the best Apple design ever and it’s no secret that Apple will be using this big screen approach in their Future iPhones as well. The recent rumors say that Apple may also release an updated iPhone SE next  year with an 18:9 Display. A Twitter user Juan Pablo recently Tweeted a few renders that can be the design for the iPhone SE.

The idea for the iPhone SE shall be pretty similar to what we saw with the previous iPhone SE. So, basically an iPhone 8 in a Smaller Form factor but, this time with a Bigger Screen. This device may also use FaceID & ditch the TouchID completely as that’s where Apple will be going in 2018.

So, according to this leak, Apple may release this device as early as in early 2018 but, we’ll have to see what will be price of the device. The last iPhone SE wasn’t a very good phone. So, we hope that Apple does slight changes to their Marketing Approach this time. Maybe, a Max price of 500-550 US Dollars will be a good price but, it’s Apple so, we cannot say anything.

The main concern is however, do people really need a Small Phone in 2018 ? I mean most of the People are used to phones with big screens right now so, I don’t know what is the exact number of people interested in a Small Device right now. But, if the pricing is good, then this phone might sell well just because of similar hardware as the iPhone 8 & the Apple Branding.




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