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apple Patent fingure print sensor

From the recent patent proposed from Apple; Apple is currently working on a screen reader with integrated fingerprint reader. With U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO), Apple submits this patent which was released on February 5, 2015.

This integrated fingerprint reader on the device display would act similar to the Touch ID in the iPhone 5S, and the series beyond that. This technology is for the upcoming Apple Products. Looking  at the diagram, we can figure out that this technology can scan up to 4 simultaneous fingerprint readers.

According to the Patent, fingerprint sensor in the display stack is to capture a fingerprint positioned on the top surface of the cover sheet. Once the display stack captures your fingerprint a processing device, then connects to the fingerprint sensor and then connects to the display layer to scan the fingerprint. According to the patent, they will be having a full panel ultrasonic fingerprint sensor; an alternative fingerprint scanning system. This system will work as a receiver layer, which will be attached in between the layer in the display stack, and this layer will be placed in the

Here is the abstract by Apple on the source that defines this new technology:

A fingerprint sensor is incorporated in a display stack in an electronic device. A single fingerprint can be captured at one time at a single pre-defined fixed location on a display. Alternatively, a single fingerprint can be acquired at one time at any location on a display. Alternatively, multiple touches on the display can be acquired substantially simultaneously where only one fingerprint is captured at a time or where all of the fingerprints are acquired at the same time. The fingerprint sensor can be implemented as an integrated circuit connected to a bottom surface of a cover sheet, near the bottom surface of the cover sheet, or connected to a top surface of a display. Alternatively, the fingerprint sensor can be implemented as a full panel fingerprint sensor.

To know more about this patent in detail please check the source given below.

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