Apple Welcomes Their First Store In Taiwan


Apple Store in Taiwan

Yesterday (1-July-2017) was one of the best days for Apple lovers in Taiwan, as Apple has introduced their first ever Apple Store in Taiwan; Taipei 101. Thousands of users came into Taipei 101 to welcome Apple in Taiwan.

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With this, we are expecting that Apple is really targeting huge. This is a very huge store which has around 130 employees.The store was opened at 11:00 a.m and since after they users got a chance to have a hands-on the latest Apple products.

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People were too excited to be a part of Apple’s first store in Taiwan, as we saw people standing in queue for hours just to have their hand-on the latest products. People were there outside the store since Friday, so that they become the first users to be in. This gives a clarity that people still love Apple as they use to.

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Just after this news was out, our writer Ronit was curious if we could soon see Apple store in India, which brings another discussion for us, if we could see the store in India.



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