iPhone 8 Reportedly Failed Water Resistance Test !


The iPhone 8 has IP67 Water & Dust Resistance and to achieve this rating a brand needs to have proper seals inside the device that literally keeps Water & Dust out so, they don’t damage the internals. Though, these ratings come with a maximum Range (depth) & Time which are the points beyond what the resistance may not work anymore.

So, CNET decided to test the Water Resistance of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus & the iPhone X. They kept the phones under 5 Gallons of Water for 28 minutes & though the iPhone 8 Plus & iPhone X passed the test, the iPhone 8 kinda ended up taking some of that moisture inside. Clearly visible in this photo of the Rear Camera Lens.


iPhone 8 Reportedly Failed Water Resistance Test

Image: CNET


Now, they also tested another iPhone 8 unit & surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) that unit survived the test. Now, this whole issue isn’t new, back from the iPhone 7 times this issue has been there with some of the iPhone units. So, basically this issue won’t appear in every single unit of iPhone 8 but, some units may actually have this issue & if the owners of those units get their phones wet, they’ll be in good trouble.

Now, the iPhone 8 isn’t an inexpensive phone right ? The base model starts at $699 & bump it up to the 256 Gig variant & the price goes all the way upto $849. Now, if this issue occurs in the bigger iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X (that’s totally possible) then the prices are even higher. So, isn’t Apple properly checking the integrity of the iPhones before shipping them out of the factory ? Well, probably that’s the case as we have seen these kind of issues in the past genertion of iPhones as well. So, come on Apple, this kind of mistakes from a company like you is something we definitely don’t expect.

We were already got the Screen Freezing in the Cold issue in the iPhone X & now this. So, somewhere Apple is losing our trust & we don’t know how much it is still right to just openly recommend iPhones to people. We hope Apple will at-least replace the defected devices at this point. Otherwise, spending that much money is way risky & that’ll hold a large number of people from buying iPhones.


Source: CNET

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