Truly Wireless headset seems to be the recent trend in the world of vanishing 3.5 mm Headphone Jacks & there are many brands that are following this trend. These truly wireless headsets do come with few drawbacks, but there are also lot of good sides of them. This time we have the Astrum ET 300 truly wireless headsets which we have tested thoroughly & this is our review of the ET 300. Oh & if you have seen this headset before & find the design different, it’s because the ET 300 has been recently updated from the outside & from the inside as well.

Inside the Box: 

I initially thought that the headphones will come with a lot of accessories, but they kept it pretty simple. The box comes with a pair of Wireless Headsets, a Micro-USB Power Cablea Case that is also used to charge the Headsets & some extra ear-tips as well.

Pros & Cons: 

Light WeightTake an hour to charge the device & the doc
Easy FitNo Bass. Oriented to Vocal Music
Well Priced


How To Connect The Headphone?

Connecting this headphone just takes few steps.

  1. Press on the side of both the headset simultaneously until the read and blue blinks
  2. When you see the red & blue light blinking, then that’s the indication that both the headsets are getting paired
  3. Soon after that, open your smartphones’s Bluetooth’s setting & you will notice a Bluetooth connection named “ET 300”
  4. Tap on that to pair both your headphones.

Design & Build Quality 

In terms of appearance, the headphones actually look nice I would say. Some wireless headphones look really weired in the ears but, it wasn’t the case for the ET 300 so, no complains on that.

Looking at the build quality, the headphone comes with a tough plastic body, which should be able to take a few drops without any worry. Not only that, but the headphones are really comfortable to wear which make them pretty good for travel. The headphones were nicely fitting my ears & they stayed in place as well with the help of those ear support horns.


The headset also comes with a case which is quite travel friendly & also double as a Charging Station. The headphones can be charged together & independently as well. But, I guess you’re going to charge them together anyway.  We wish that there was an extra pouch to carry the case but, sadly that’s not included in the package.

Sound Quality & Connectivity:

Now we are talking about the main and the most important feature of the headphone i.e. Sound Quality. Before I talk about sound, I would suggest the company to make EQ application for the headset to help equalize your preferred sound. The reason why is because the headphone default sound profile lacks a significant amount Bass so, the Audio kinda sounds Flat. Yes, we can use Third-party apps but, a company tuned application can provide much more accurate controls over things like Bass & Treble which will help a lot.

In general the ET 300 is clearly focused for vocal oriented music & it is actually one of the best headphones for that category at that price point, but at the same time, that lack of Bass makes it less desirable for people into things like EDM & stuff.

Talking about the Connectivity options, the ET 300 establishes a Bluetooth 4.1 connection. I didn’t face random connection drops on this one but, with too many Bluetooth connections nearby, it can get interruptions sometimes.


Astrum ET 300

Being a budget friendly headset, I really did not expect the headphone to have a huge battery life. The headphones were able to pull up about 3 hours of continuous playback during our test, which seems to be a okay for the price. However, we do with the playback time was a bit longer for at least 4 hours. The headphones & the case together took around 1 hours to charge completely.


Giving my final world to the Astrum ET 300, it is a great choice for those looking for vocal oriented music on thak near 6K INR budget, but for those who are looking for a headphone with good Bass, then I would suggest to look for some other brands available in the market. But they might or might not be as pocket friendly as the ET 300. But, if you are kinda okay with wired headphones, then you can find some really good headsets at a similar price point.

Overall, the Astrum ET 300 is comparatively a pretty good deal as far truly wireless headsets go for that price segment of 5-6K INR. So, after reading our review, if you found it serving your requirements, then sure you can go for it. if that’s not the case, look at other options. Okay, that’s it for this review & if you you have any questions, be sure to let us know in the comments area down below.