ASUS Announced A 65″ 4K 120 Hz HDR Gaming Monitor At CES 2018


With the announcement of NVIDIA’s Big Format Gaming Displays, ASUS Announced A 65 4K 120 Hz HDR Gaming Monitor At CES 2018 that spots a 4K resolution Display with a freaking 120 Hz Refresh Rate.

ASUS Announced A 65" 4K 120 Hz HDR Gaming Monitor At CES 2018

These range of Gaming monitors are for really high-end gaming setups for Pro Gamers. This new Monitor from ASUS carries the name ROG PG65 & it has support for NVIDIA G-sync & Shield support built in.

Alongside 4K HDR support, the PG65 also covers the DCI-P3 color gamut so, the experience shall be super immersive  visually. It also supports Variable Refresh Rate that means. It detects if your Monitor is playing Lower Frame rate content or not & switches to a lower Frame Rate when that 120Hz Refresh Rate isn’t needed at all & saves the user some power. The Brightness is around 1000 nits so, It shouldn’t be a problem to game on the Monitor in Bright indoors.

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