Best Electric Guitar For The Money – Between INR 10,000 -15,000

When it comes to electric guitar, the first thing that comes in my mind is the budget. Everyone is not rich enough to have a premium/signature series as their first electric guitar. For me, when i started playing electric guitar, what i used to search for was the best budgeting electric guitar & my range was always between 10k to 15k. Throughout this journey I had played tones of electric guitars & here I am with the list of top 5 electric guitars that you can buy between INR 10k to 15k. This is Indian pricing so, if you’re reading this from the US, you can check out, GeekStar‘s article on the best electric guitars under $200.

Here we have selected top 5 brands & their best guitar under the price segment.

1. Ibanez GART60:

Price: Rs. 14,044

Neck typeGART Maple neck
BodyPoplar body
FretboardRosewood fretboard w/White dot inlay
Bridge/TailpieceFull Tune III bridge/tailpiece
Neck PickupInfinity R (S) neck pickup (Passive/Ceramic)
Bridge PickupInfinity R (H) bridge pickup (Passive/Ceramic)

Electric Guitar Under 15000 Ibanez produces some of the best guitars in the word, when it comes in the budget segment. All the Ibanez “G” series are the entry level segment guitars. The GART60 is another entry level segment from the Artist Series. It comes with Poplar body & a Infinity R – HH setup. Having an poplar body, the guitar gives a warm sound, but if you want a much better sound, you can add the infinity pickup [INF] (Ibanez Stock Pickup) at cheaper price for a much better sound. The guitar comes with 22 medium fret & a slim neck profile that makes your playing faster. One of the best part of this guitar is the finish. It comes in a Walnut Sunburst finish that makes this guitar looks stunning.

2. Fender Squier Affinity Series Telecaster:

Price: Rs. 16,999

Neck typeC-Shape Maple neck
BodyAlder body
Fretboardmaple fretboard /black dot inlay
Neck PickupVintage Style Single-Coil Tele
Bridge PickupVintage Style Single-Coil Tele

Electric Guitar Under 15000   If you are a big fan of telecaster shape & want a fender sound, this Fender Squier Affinity Series Telecaster is the perfect choice for you. The Squier series is Fender’s budgeting series that is build with an purpose to give the traditional sound at low price. It comes loaded with Squier’s stock pickup, which delivers the Telecaster signature sound for lower budget. The maple neck give the best feel for solo, whereas the alder body is the perfect choice for those who are looking for low profile, yet crunchy sound. This guitar is best for Blues, Jazz & alternative music.

3. Yamaha Pacifica (PAC 012)

Price: Rs. 13,299

Neck typeMaple neck
BodyAgathis body
Fretboardrosewood fretboard
Neck PickupSingle Coil X 2 (stock pickup)
Bridge PickupHumbucking (Stock pickup)

Cheap Electric Guitar The Yamaha Pacifica PAC 012 is one of the best value for money electric guitar. This guitar comes in different color options that are: Black, Metallic Dark Blue and Metallic Red. The reason why it’s cheap because of the Agathis body, but the overall combination of the guitar helps to give the best tone. During my test with the Yamaha Pacifica PAC 012 I found that the stock pickups aren’t that great, but when swiped with the EMG’s this guitar sounds killer.

4. Jackson JS11 Dinky – MTR 6:

Price: Rs. 13,699

Neck type1-Piece, Bolt-On, Maple neck
BodyBasswood body
Fretboardrosewood fretboard
Neck PickupJackson High Output Humbucking
Bridge PickupJackson High Output Humbucking

Electric Guitar Under 15000 The Jackson JS11 Dinky – MTR6 is another cool guitar for those who are into heavy music. The guitar comes with a basswood body knows to give heavier sound, but this guitar plays amazing blues & alternative music too. This electric guitar comes with 22 fret medium fret, whereas the high output Jackson stock pickup does the great work. This guitar comes with a volume knob & tone knob with 3 way switch. The basswood body gives this guitar a dark tone.

5. Schecter SGR C1

Price: Rs. 13,800

Neck typeBolt-On Maple neck
BodyBasswood body
Fretboardrosewood fretboard
Neck PickupStock Passive Humbucking
Bridge PickupStock Passive Humbucking

Best guitar for the money Schecter SGR C1 is another electric guitar for those who are into metal music. This is purely made for heavy distortion. The basswood body does the pretty good job with his dark tone for better distortion. It comes with 24 jumbo fret, with low neck profile for speed guitar playing. What i strongly suggest is to change the pickup, but the stock pickup does the pretty good job. What cool in this guitar is the gothic cross at 12th fret, which give the metal look for this guitar. So these were some of the best electric guitars that you could have for the price range from 10,000 to 15,000 INR. These guitars won’t be your last option as these guitars need some upgrade. All the guitars above need to change the switch controller & pickup for better output. If you still have any doubt regarding this, you cab feel free to ask in the comment below.