TC Electronic MOJOMOJO Pedal review


It’s been almost an year that i have been using the TC Electronic MojoMojo pedal in my guitar rig which has now become my daily use. The MojoMojo is an overdrive pedal, which gives you the best tone when powered on. This pedal comes with 4 knobs that controls the drive, level, bass, treble & a voice toggle switch that helps to brighten up your tone. After using it for an year, here is my TC Electronic MojoMojo Pedal review.


  • Excellent Sound
  • Compact
  • Good Built Quality


  • Limited range of gain

Inside The Box:

Inside the box, you will find the user manual, the warranty card and the MojoMojo Pedal.

Features Of Tc Electronic MojoMojo:

  • True Bypass
  • Full control on Drive, Level, Bass and Treble controls
  • Easy battery access
  • Voicing switch
  • Small footprint
  • High-quality sound

Built & Design:


The pedal comes with a full metal body coated with coffee color with TC Electrinic branding at the bottom & just above the branding you will see the text “MOJOMOJO.” This pedal supports 4 knobs (drive, level, bass, treble ) to equalize your sound & the voice toggle switch helps you to brighten your tone.

To Get More Use of MoJoMoJo voice toggle switch, Merge it with other pedals in the rack.

The pedal has an Input & Output jack along with the foot switch to turn the effect on/off. You will also find a light that indicates the power status. On the bottom, you will find the battery slot, that can easily be replace (9V battery). As using the pedal in battery is never comfortable, it also has a 9V DC/40mA power slot (I suggest everyone to have a power cable instead of the battery).


I felt in love with the TC Electronic MojoMojo when plugged & played for the first time. The MojoMojo pedal helps to warm up your tone & give you the cleanest overdrive sound. This pedal has similar characteristic like the tube amp, which helps to give you the best output. With this peal you can adjust the low end sound and have a full control on your amp, which is the reason why i prefer to have this in my pedal board. For those who want the bottom-end, flat, crunchy tone, then this pedal does the work for them.

the bass knob gives the full control on your tone.

One of the best setting for this pedal was the Drive set to 7, Level set to 5, Bass set to 6 & treble set to 5 attached to the amp distortion set to 5. Overall the pedal can help you to get the best sound if you know to control all your elements.


The Tc Electronic MojoMojo is the best choice for those who are looking for a mid-ranged, low profile sound, that is able to control your dynamic range. One of the best part of this pedal is the bass control, which helps to boost your sound. This is the best for lower strings & also for slow.



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