Best Online Learning Apps for Toddlers


Online gaming is one the fastest growing trend in today’s generation, but parents face a very common problem “ Should the kids be allowed to play games online?“
Some say yes and some say no, but the actual thing is – nothing is bad in moderation! What’s important is making sure the toddler apps they’re engaging with consist of quality digital content, the kind that actually provides benefits for your child. learning apps for toddlers.

learning apps for toddlers

The fact is that if the child is interacting with the content and choosing what to play or what to watch on a digital device, they can’t help but learn.  

So here are some online learning apps for toddlers which will help them grow with a better vision-

  1. Supermarket – Fruits Vs Veggies Kids Shopping Game – In this fun supermarket, kids of all ages — girls and boys – can shop ‘til they drop! As the kids play this fun supermarket game, they can go wild and litter the store with fruits and veggies. Or they can play it neat, and pack up their carts like pros! As we said there is something for everyone, in this fun shopping game for kids!
  2. Dragon Box Series – The DragonBox series are a set of educational games that help kids learn basic math fundamentals. There are five learning apps for kids in total. A few deal with algebra and geometry. All five of them deal with numbers to some extent. Math gives people a lot of trouble so it might be good to start young when teaching these concepts. learning apps for toddlers.
  3. Kids Hair Salon – KinToons – Haircut game for kids – KinToons – Kids Hair Salon is the perfect haircut game for girls, boys, a baby, a toddler in pre-school or a child in kindergarten who wants to be a hairstylist. learning apps for toddlers
    Let your kid enjoy the fashion world full of colors and grace. Better yet, here, the hair salon customers are your friends from KinToons! You can cut hair, color it and then style it. You can give the look of a princess or cut someone’s hair to look like yours!
  4. Google Classroom – Google Classroom is another virtual classroom. Environment. it lets parents, kids, and teachers interact with one another. Students can interact with other students, upload files, turn in assignments, and more. It connects to Google’s Classroom web platform. Thus, it has the kind of quality you’d expect from Google. It’s definitely one of the best learning apps for kids.
  5. PBS Kids Video – PBS has been long known for their educational content. That content is available on Android via PBS Kids Video. Since they are educational, parents shouldn’t have a problem letting their kids watch practically anything on this app. Additionally, since everything is a cartoon and fun, kids most likely won’t mind watching it. There is also an educational goal tracker so parents and kids can keep track of everything the child should be learning.
  6. Pocket Code – Pocket Code helps teach kids how to code. Obviously, this one isn’t for younger kids, but rather older ones. It shows you how to program, how programming works, and some basic programming logic. It sounds complicated, but it’s not that bad. The app employs a visual learning style so kids can drag and drop and see what they’re doing. It can be fun if your kid enjoys technology. learning apps for toddlers.
  7. Nursery Rhymes DJ – KinToons – DJ game for kids – This baby-friendly DJ Nursery Rhymes game for kids is unlike any ordinary cat/kitten simulator or even one of the ABCD/alphabet games for kids where they just diddle away their free time. It is a place where a pre-school toddler can simply sing, dance and enjoy while learning at the same time.
  8. Khan Academy Kids – Khan Academy Kids is the kid’s version of the popular Khan Academy. It features a variety of lessons and topics for kids. The app has a bunch of adorable little animal characters to make it feel friendly. The controls in the app are super easy for both parents and children. This is likely one of the best free learning apps for kids anywhere on Google Play. Parents can use it as can teachers.
  9. Duolingo – Duolingo is one of the best learning apps for kids when it comes to learning a new language. It has a variety of languages supported, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Irish, Danish, and even English. What makes the app so great is that it’s completely free to download and use. There are no hidden fees and the in-app purchases are entirely optional. The developers boast that 34 hours in this app is equal to a semester at a university. It’s effective, it’s fun, and it’s free. learning apps for toddlers. 

These are apps that you do not have to feel any guilt about handing your child when the going gets tough, because each of them truly fosters educational (and sometimes even emotional) growth…not to mention they are all extremely fun and super engaging!

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