Best TVs From CES 2017 !


Remember the time when we used to have thick CRT TVs? Well, it’s 2017 & we have evolved a lot from that time. As the time moved forward, we came across LCD, LED & now we are slowly moving to the era of OLED. This year we saw some freaking crazy TVs with amazing new technologies at CES 2017. So, these are our top picks from this years CES.


LG Wallpaper TV

This year, we have to give the 1st position to LG for bringing their W-series, Wallpaper OLED  TVs to reality. At only 0.2 inches these TVs are so thin that if you put it on your wall (with it’s magnetic setup), it’ll look like a wallpaper screen instead of a TV screen. Now as the panel is OLED, it can produce much accurate colors with awesome looking Blacks. Also, OLED panels are way more power efficient as they don’t need separate back or side lighting like a traditional LED panel. It also has support for HDR10 & Dolby Vision built in.

Now being a TV this thin, it doesn’t have any other hardware attached with the screen. LG has migrated the hardware into a separate Speaker System. This 4.2 Channel Speaker System comes with built in Dolby Atmos support along with support for Hi-Fi audio.

The LG W-series TVs will be available at 65 &  77  inch screen sizes with 4k resolution & the price will be starting from 7999.99 USD for the 65 inch model.



The A1E series from SONY is their step in to the OLED market. Now, I must mention that the panels are made by LG. Basically, these are the same 65 & 77 inch 4k panels that you’ll find in the LG W-series. What makes it different though is the different Optimization & Processing with the SONY X1-Extreme chip that they have used in this TV. The A1E series will have support for HDR10 out of the box & it’ll also get support for Dolby Vision after a firmware upgrade. However, these TVs are definitely not as thin as the LG w-series but, still they are a lot more thin compared to most of TV’s out right there.

Anyway, SONY is known for their best in class Picture Quality but, we really have to see how they have managed the sound with A1E as, it does not have any physical Speakers built in the TV. Instead, SONY has managed to to produce sound by vibrating the screen of the TV. The hardware to support this technology is build into a bar at back of the TV & it also has a Sub-woofer built in the base of the TV. This base could be used as a stand & can also be folded to be mounted on the wall.

What will be the exact pricing of these TVs, we don’t really know but, these will definitely come at a damn high price point.


Samsung QLED TV

When LG & SONY are heading towards the OLED industry, Samsung seems to be on a completely different track. In CES 2017 they have introduced their new QLED TVs. Now, if you think QLED is some kind of advanced OLED display, you’re wrong. QLED is based on Samsungs’s Quantum Dot Technology that uses Nanoparticles to produce colors. Samsung claimes that, Quantum Dot Technology can use these Nanoparticles to produce upto 1 Billion colors. Just like the competitor flagships, it has a 4K panel that has support for HDR right out of the box. About Dolby Vision support, we’re not sure.  They also showcased an 8K QLED TV but, that is definitely not coming anytime soon.

However, these displays still need backlighting  just like a traditional LED screen & in practical that leads to less color accuracy compared to an OLED display. Specially the White & Black levels are way accurate in OLED & that difference is noticeable if you compare them side by side. Also, OLED TVs are way more power efficient compared to the QLEDs.

On the other side the QLED TV’s have their advantages too. Till date the pixels in OLED TV can get bright upto maximum 800 nits but, having backlight allows a QLED TV to get much brighter. Samsung says their QLED TVs will have max brightness levels of 1000-1500 nits. That is definitely a big step up from the OLEDs.

Samsung’s QLED TVs will be available in 65 & 88 inch variants & again there is no info on the prices of these TVs.

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