#CES2017- Quantum Debut With Their First VR Camera “AURA”


VR Camera

The CES 2017 seems to be more developed in terms of new technologies and ideas. A lot of new technologies has been captured in the CES 2017. But what got my attraction was “AURA.” AURA is Quantum’s first every VR Camera and they have chosen CES 2017 as the platform to do their debut. AURA has re-designed the meaning of VR Camera.

What made me wonder was the 10K video recording capability. Not only just 10K video recording, but also 3D. Keeping the concept of VR camera in mind, you can now record the video on panoramic sound. With this feature, you can now have a real time sound experience along with the vision. With the launch of AURA Quantum has raided the expectation of the VR market.

This ensures that we can see much more and improved VR content soon in 2017.  This will be a great help to the content production team taking all their efforts to do a VR video. At the same time, it will also reduce the cost involved in making the VR video.

Zhang Cong, CEO of Quantum Vision said “With the independent research and development of the technology, open cooperation with the industry chain and various partners, Quantum hopes to promote the development and experience upgrading of the VR image industry with the industry, and help the whole industry to advance.”

With the launch of AURA I expect to see a much better and improved VR content. Share your thoughts on what you feel about AURA VR Camera.



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