How to Boost your Business with Video Content


Business with Video Content

Video Marketing 

You probably know why marketing is important, but video marketing is a new wave of marketing evolution. New social media now is all about video. And this makes sense because video can be easily consumed by customers during their everyday activities. A video can educate people, tell customer stories, and inspire action (sign up, buy a product, etc.). It can also help you share your brand idea. Video is the present and future of marketing. And statistics show it! By 2022, 82% of Internet traffic will be video or screen recordings, according to Streaming Media. YouTube as a video platform is currently the second most visited website in the world. People spend a billion hours watching videos every day. Marketers got this feature since YouTube appeared and started to use it on a daily basis, and at the same time introduced a new term — video marketing.

Video marketing is the product promotion, service, or brand using videos. The greatest part is suitable for any business, it could be used even for promoting cupcakes your granny does…No kidding, providing good content marketing is a gamechanger in your way to growing a small business.

Video Marketing

How could it be used?

Video Showcase

Video is the best tool to inform your customer. Like no other type of advertising – a live picture will make the showcase real, not virtual. Pandemic lockdown shows us how it’s important to be on a virtual scene. Customers would be able to see and evaluate the product with their own eyes through the screen. As a result, the credibility of your business will increase – because you show what you’re selling. And as we know, “If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is a library.”

A good quality video will help to raise the brand identity. You can do the unpacking videos for your clients. Knowing more about the product and having it fully reviewed, the customer will consider your business to be the one they can rely on. This also includes an element of trust: when buying, the customer wants to consult with a professional. When a customer watches the video from your company, he will know exactly where to find it.

Promotional Videos

Quality promotional videos about the company itself will give the customer an impression of the eCommerce store. He or she will assess the scale of the company and the number of its staff, and for example, learn the procedure of delivery of goods directly to his door. Thanks to this information, any customer will press the button “Order goods” with a peaceful mind. Achieving such an effect with other types of marketing is much more difficult.

You can use such teasers to meet the needs of the target audience. It’s better to create 2-3 videos to “strike” directly to each of the groups of customers. You will not fail if you use different types of teasers with different types of audiences just to fit their needs. God’s sake, you can do fabulous video ads even on a tight budget just using good video editing software. 

Video tutorials

Various video tutorials will help you get customers who can not understand complex products, such as electronics or software. You’ll show them step-by-step how to set the things right, which will reinforce the customer’s purchase intent. In addition to this feature, video tutorials will increase the trust and credibility of the store already mentioned in the article: you care about the customer, and they’ll appreciate it.

Webinars or Presentations

If one of your team members is giving a speech, your brand can capitalize on his or her experience with a video. Capture a presentation or speech with a screen recorder, edit it, and you have amazing content for your audience. Using those kinds of presentations will make you more advanced and successful in the customer’s eyes. You can show your business to the client and gain trust in return. Follow these tips on how to record high-quality webinars, and you will do things right.

Video Blogs

Today, people don’t scroll through long posts or follow your company activities. But all of them want to be trendy and follow the experts. Video bloggers can boost your business to the moon. You can use the helping hand of the opinion leader of your auditory you are working with. Because those kinds of integrations got a “human face” and got an involving format, there is a high chance that this kind of video goes viral. And this is what you need, don’t you?

Email marketing

Add some Videos to dry texts and pictures in the emails you send to your clients.

Good videos in your letters will create additional user interest in the content on the site and your activities on social media. Don’t lose your opportunities. Most of the clients prefer to learn about products from a short video rather than text. So even a short video with a demonstration of your grandma cakes will work better than two paragraphs of text or ten photos. You can insert any videos that are useful and interesting to your target audience.

Mobile videos

Most users hold their smartphones vertically, and many of them will not watch the horizontal video as a matter of principle. It seems like a small thing, but because of it, you can lose potential customers. Most Social Media want your videos to be short, catchy, and vertically oriented. Don’t forget to keep your promotional videos informative, entertaining and engaging.

Optimize your video content

Video marketing helps any online store get new customers but only if it is visible. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of moral and physical effort. Search engine scanners don’t understand what’s in your videos. Their understanding depends on metadata as well as user interaction data. That’s why it’s important to optimize your video’s metadata, it’s just as important to create videos that people like. Use video SEO to put your video on display.

Optimize your video content

Act now!

At first, video marketing may seem too complicated and time-consuming. But if you take it one step at a time, your strategy will get you the results you want. So it’s best not to delay the implementation of video marketing. We suggest you start now.  Don’t worry if you are short on budget or do not know much about marketing. You can do it yourself because natural and non-ideal content is a new black. A phone, an idea, half an hour of free time, and your first explosive video are ready. 

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