7 Tips to Build a Better Commercial Building



Most commercial buildings that still stand in the United States in 2022 have technological advances that keep them standing. For example, in California, several older buildings received retro fittings to protect them against earthquakes.

Buildings used for commercial purposes become an investment, even simple ones. The most common business building is the office. The real estate category also includes:

  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Medical

Each structure has different requirements. Nonetheless, each requires basic elements.

The following are seven tips to build a better commercial building.

1. Learn from the Past

American history is a series of trials and tribulations. The Colonists arrived on North American soil and no infrastructure existed. They built their homes from the materials available to them in nature. 

When the Industrial Revolution arrived, Americans incorporated steel into buildings on a mass level. They also learned how to prevent fires in these structures. Chicago, New York, and San Francisco have seen massive fires that forced the cities to shore up building codes.

To build a better commercial building, learn from the past.

2. Prepare for the Future

The United States government agencies place several restrictions and mandates on new commercial buildings. These codes address infrastructure, environmental, and safety concerns.

In addition to incorporating building codes, look toward the future.

Commissioning environmental reports requires an investment. Despite the cost, they reveal factors that could impact the structure in the future. Thus, it’s worth investing in the report, even when it’s not a mandate.

3. Integrate Security Features

Crime across the United States has risen. A better commercial building integrates safety measures that respond to the tactics used by individuals with nefarious intentions.

For example, retailers must consider how to prevent smash and grabs. 

It’s also important to consider employee safety onsite, in the parking lots, and sub-floors. In 2022, property managers and building owners can study the tricks used by individuals with nefarious intentions. 

Your job is to counter them.

Thus, a better commercial building seals the blind spots. For example, lighting helps deter those who hide in the shadows.

If you need security guidance, consult with the professionals. They offer additional insight based on experience. 

4. Borrow from Surrounding Buildings

Take a look at the longest-standing buildings in the surrounding area. If they remain in good shape, find out why.

It’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel every time. You can borrow from surrounding buildings that have good bones and solid features. Then, incorporate them into your structure.

If it rains often, how do other buildings protect the exterior walls and roof?

5. Use the Best Materials

In times of inflation, it’s tempting to use less costly material. However, that logic directly impacts the structure’s fortitude. 

One study found the following costs for new buildings:

  • Single story commercial structures incur a cost of $238 to $286 per square foot
  • Mid-rise structures incur a cost of $474 to $569 per square foot
  • High rise buildings see a cost of $545 to $654 per square foot

The Pantheon is the oldest, standing building still in use. It’s not surprising that the materials the Romans used could last this long. The Romans created durable concrete from lime and volcanic sand. 

It might take longer to break even, but building a durable structure is worth the investment.

6. Consider Aesthetics

Architecture leading into 2022 receives a lot of criticism. It greatly differs from architecture before the American Industrial Revolution

Warehouses and industrial properties get dirty easily so it’s easy to blow off aesthetics. Keep in mind that you can still integrate a beautiful facade.

Regulations imposed by the United States Environmental Protection Agency had made new structures soundproof and vacuum sealed. In some ways, that efficiency has taken away from aesthetics. 

Prefabricated apartment and office units offer developers a low-cost way of establishing a new structure within weeks. On the outside, it’s also obvious. 

A better building adds pleasing aesthetic elements to the facade. 

7. Shop for Insurance

Insurance companies issue policies that don’t put their operations at risk financially. When you shop for a commercial real estate policy, you’ll find out how the providers view your structure.

Fix the elements that they see as risks. For example, every building requires enough fire exits.

A better commercial building keeps the insurance costs reasonable. 


A better commercial building incorporates the latest technological advancements and borrows from its neighbors. Plus, it takes security measures into account. A new building is an opportunity to learn from the past and look toward the future.

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