Buying Travel Insurance? Keep These 10 Things in Mind


Over the years, the risks involved with travelling has increased multifold. Unfortunate circumstances such as luggage being misplaced, missed flights and unforeseen health complications can put brakes on your journey at any time. Travel insurance protects you from all such situations and helps you in times of a financial breakdown during your trip.  When you buy travel insurance online, it gives you peace of mind. However, there are multiple things you need to consider before buying a policy to ensure it covers everything as per your needs.

Buying Travel Insurance

To help you buy travel insurance online and choose the best of many policies available, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Know About Your Insurer

The first and foremost thing to know before you buy travel insurance is to figure out if your insurance provider is registered or not. It is specifically crucial if you are purchasing a policy online. You can check the authenticity of your insurer on the IRDA website, which is a regulatory body for all insurance companies in India.

  • Read Terms and Conditions

There is certain information that agents of a few insurance providers tend to hide. However, you can find it on the terms and conditions page of insurance documents. For instance, travel insurance companies generally put a tab on the maximum amount you can claim against luggage loss on the airport.

However, if you are buying it from a reputable insurance company, they usually provide all the information. When you buy travel insurance online, you can read terms and conditions to learn about your policy in detail.

  • Cover for Outdoor Activities

A brief time of our travels involves going out and exploring the outdoor sports like hiking, sailing, and paragliding. Considering the risks involved in such activities, it is crucial to know if your insurer covers the expenses for any unforeseen circumstance involved in outdoor activities. When you buy travel insurance online, look for outdoor activities that are excluded.

  • Policy Customization

The purpose of travel is not always leisure. You can travel overseas for work, recreation, and medical treatment once or frequently in a single year. Based on your preference, you can customize your travel insurance policy. If you plan to visit overseas only once, you can buy travel insurance online for a single trip, else opt for an annual travel insurance plan. The premium will be calculated as per your choice of policy and its coverage.

  • Know Your Claim Period

Travel insurance claims get expired after a certain period. Therefore, it is essential to know your claim period when you buy travel insurance online. You can take the help of customer support of your insurer in this case. It is crucial for the times of crisis.

  • Policy Extension

Not everything is planned on a foreign trip. Things can go haywire any moment, where not having travel insurance can drain our savings significantly on foreign land. It makes policy extension one of the crucial things to consider when you buy travel insurance online. Ask your travel insurance provider about the policy extension details and the process involved in it.

Travelling Safe with Insurance

Travelling with safety is always a good idea. While many factors like keeping up with time and following the rules are essential, keeping travel insurance handy gives peace of mind against uncertainties involved in a trip. Keeping above things in mind, you must buy travel insurance online to safeguard your overseas trip. Besides, you must buy it from reputable insurance providers like Tata AIG as they have better claim-settlement ratio and 24*7 customer support facility. They offer comprehensive plans that you can customize as per needs.

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