Deleting & Revoking Your Sent Message Is Now Possible On WhatsApp


One of the major issues I faced in WhatsApp was when i use to send wrong message to wrong person. That was the time when i thought of having revoking feature in WhatsApp. According to the recent update by WhatsApp, this has now become possible. WhatsApp officially announced that people can now revoke their sent message from group or individual.

So now if you have sent a message to someone by mistake & you don’t want him/her to read the message then this update does it all.

Follow the below step to revoke message from WhatsApp:

  • Go to chat having the message you want to delete.
  • hold the message > choose Delete
  • Tap Delete  > Delete for Everyone.

With this simple method you could easily delete the message you sent. Do select multiple messages to delete multiple messages at once. You might not see this feature activated in your smartphone because you or the person might not have the latest version. To make this possible you need to have the same version of WhatsApp as the recipient (The latest version). Also you can’t remove the message if you have crossed 7 minutes.

Once you delete the message the recipient will receive “This message was deleted”  in the chat windows. Do let you know what you think about this cool feature.



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