Toshiba And Microsoft Introduces A New Omni-Channel To Improve Retailers


Omni-Channel By Toshiba And Microsoft
Microsoft Corp and Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions today at NRF (National Retail Federation) announced their team up for the launch of the new Omni-Channel Consumer Engagement. This new Omni-Channel will be advancement for retailers and help them to deliver consumer experience.

Toshiba will be providing with the software and implement service in this dynamic platform. With this, they will also look after the global availability of this solution. TCxGravity who is powered by MS Dynamics are experts in delving Omni-Channel transformation will be responsible for providing a unified solution to improve the brand experience. You can go through and experience this Omni-Channel solution at NRF: Toshiba 1543 booth number and Microsoft 2803 booth number.

According to the agreement, Toshiba will be involved to boost the store system software and Microsoft will extend this Omni-Channel and deploy the technology to the retailers.

Managing Partner, Retail Systems Research, Brian Kilcourse said, “The further collaboration between Toshiba and Microsoft offers a game-changing omni-channel approach and an easier migration path for customers who value the robust Dynamics platform and the rich in-store experiences of Toshiba’s solutions. Retailers need to provide consumers with a consistent brand experience that harmonizes the best of what the digital and physical selling environments have to offer. The further collaboration between Toshiba and Microsoft should enable an easier migration to just such an omni-channel selling environment.

Senior Vice President at Worldwide Marketing,  Leo Suarez said, “Our expanded omni-channel offerings on display at NRF 2015 illustrate Toshiba’s continued commitment to providing partners and clients with the latest retail technology resulting in an unparalleled shopping experience.

Following are the Key Factors Announced:

  1. The size and capabilities of these companies make this initiative truly significant in the potential reach and impact it can have on retailers around the world.
  2. Toshiba is a global leader in store systems software, hardware, and services, with industry-leading POS market share and over 1 million lanes installed across over 100 countries.
  3. Microsoft as the global leader in omni-channel platform technology with the most widely available end-to-end technology (localized for 36 markets and sold in over 50), and the industries only unified commerce engine capable of running any part of your business.
  4. Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions plans to bring to market the TCxGravityTM“powered by Microsoft Dynamics” solution targeted to grocery, hypermarkets, specialty and mass merchants.
  5. The partnership broadens the path to omni-channel for retailers, with cloud-based Enterprise deployment options, coupled with retail hardened touch points optimized with industry leading software and end to end integration.



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