5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Can’t Afford to Miss


Every business has started employing digital marketing strategies and tactics to their advantage and is seeing some amazing results at really cost-effective rates. 

Digital marketing is rising at an alarming speed and it’s time every company realised that it’s an inevitable component in a company today. Thus, learning digital marketing via courses and professional programshas become a must. You must check out IIDE’s highly recommended Post Graduation in Digital Marketing program.

Why? Because such programs train you for the best digital marketing skills and teach you how to form strategies for your benefit. 

Continue reading to find out more about the top digital marketing strategies that all companies must start following. 

5 Digital Marketing Strategies You Must Start Using

  1. SEO

Search engine optimization in Austin TX is one of the most used strategy that helps to rank the website organically in search engine results which eventually leads in more visitors and hits. It is one of the most important strategies that you shouldn’t miss out on because it requires no investment. 

It’s totally organic and depends on how well you do it. The simple logic here is that you need to optimise your website and other content which answers almost every query and offers solutions to people’s problems in your niche. 

This way, search engines start preferring you and placing you on top. And we all know how we trust the first few results when we are looking for something and thus, your organic search traffic will start increasing. 

2. SEM

For the times you need to boost traffic on your website instantly, SEO may take some time. And thus, comes in Search Engine Marketing. This is nothing but paid efforts to rank on search engines and boost your engagement. 

You need to bid a specific amount for the keywords you wish and add a landing page that you want the users to navigate to. Every time a user searches for that query, your ad will pop up in the first 4 results or the bottom 3 results depending on your & your competitors’ bid amount. 

You will be charged only when a user clicks on your link and not when they see it. SEM is an excellent option because it’s not very expensive, you’re charged only upon action and it is highly intent-driven. 

  1. Social Media Advertising

Running ads on social media is not the same as in search engines. The intent of users differs. Thus, you shouldn’t just go for any one of them. Advertising on social media is unskippable today with the number of hours users spend on it. 

This concept is a little tricky as it requires you to do complete research on who your target audience is, what is their behaviour like,  Google Ads South Africa best relatable to them, and accordingly come up with social media marketing strategies. 

The efforts are definitely worth the results. Social media has the power to boost your business infinitely but at the same time, the backlash is unreal. Hence, you have to be very careful and smart. Here’s a social media marketing course curated by industry experts to train you in exactly what’s needed and help you with organic as well as paid efforts. 

  1. Email Marketing

This is one of the oldest marketing strategies which has now got a complete digital makeover. Emails are still a preferred mode of formal communication and now it is no more generalised. 

The entire email marketing game has shifted to personalization, automation and remarketing mainly. Have you ever forgotten some items in your cart while shopping and got an email the next day reminding you about it? That’s exactly what we’re hinting at. 

Every brand must use email marketing. Be it for reminders, offers, discount coupons or even awareness for that matter. The strategy is to automate your campaigns which makes mass emailing a breeze but at the same time, make it extremely personalized. 

  1. Video Marketing 

Videos are by far the most consumed content form, especially during and after the pandemic. Videos can be marketed for various purposes – awareness, interest, entertainment, product reviews, testimonials & more. 

Form video marketing strategies in 2 parts. The first is to get the content right. Have bite-sized videos if you want to appeal to the mass target audience. Editing plays an important role so don’t compromise on that. 

Now, you need to choose the channels for distribution. Understand where your audience lies and market accordingly. 

A simple example could be to make a 10-minute long detailed YT video on the benefits of a product that you sell and market the same thing as a reel on Instagram because a person’s attention span on Instagram is lesser than YouTube. 


Hope these digital marketing strategies have helped you gain some perspective on how you can do it for your business. Make sure to learn digital marketing where all the strategies mentioned above and a lot more are taught in practice. 

Before parting, do check out these top 10 digital marketing tools you should be investing in to make your processes better. 

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