Expected: “Avengers: Infinity War” Edition Products From Razer


The overwhelming hype for the “Avengers: Infinity War” movie is going crazy and many tech OEMs have gone in the direction of collaboration and others seem to be looking forward to it as well. Below in this article, you can get full information about the  Avengers: Infinity War Edition Products From Razer.

We saw some special edition laptops from Acer & OnePlus is also coming with their Marvel Avengers Limited Edition OnePlus 6. Now, the next popular OEM getting into this game is probably Razer as they’ have recently teased a gif from the “Avengers: Infinity War Edition Products From Razer” on Twitter.

So, it looks like Razer is planning to launch some Infinity War special edition products soon. We’re not sure if the products are from their Laptop line-up or it’s a limited edition Razer Phone. Our best guess will be for the Razer Blade with the 8th Gen H-series i7 CPU or Razer Blade Stealth. But, it could be anything so, we don’t want to speculate a lot on this right now.

There is also a Snapdragon 845 powered Razer Phone 2 expected sometime very soon but, we don’t expect it to arrive this early. So, if you were expecting that here then, it’s probably not going to happen.

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