Facebook Will Soon Say Good Bye To Their Groups App


It’s no secret that, Facebook is the most popular social media platform ever. It includes a ton of features that are helpful to General People, Public Figures & even Business Entities. One of the most popular way for known & unknown people from different places & even sometimes from different countries to communicate is Facebook Groups. We have a ton of Facebook Groups for various purposes including Family, Technology, Education & many more.

But, have you noticed the bunch of extra apps that Facebook provides to make managing it’s services for users easier ? If you have noticed, you probably know that Facebook has a separate application called Groups that is available in both Google Play Store & the Apple App Store.


Facebook Will Soon Say Good Bye To Their Groups App


Well, Facebook has declared that they’re taking away the app on September 1, 2017. They also said that they’ll now focus on on the actual Facebook application & improve the experience of the Groups in that app itself. So yeah, you if you Facebook Groups, you don’t really need to worry about this as all the Groups will be there. So basically they’re just taking the app away & nothing else.


Facebook Will Soon Say Good Bye To Their Groups App


If you’re curious about the reason behind this sudden step by Facebook, we think there are real reasons behind it. Users were probably not using this app at all. Take my usage for example, I have this app installed on my phone for more than a year now & I have rarely used it. I mean if I can get all the Notifications & maintain everything related to my Groups directly from the regular Facebook application, why would I use this app ? So, we think most of the users had similar approaches about the app & because of the lack of usability, Facebook had no reasons to invest their time in this application.

So, do you guys agree with our thinking about this ? Be sure to let us know in the comments section right below this article.




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