Whatsapp Application For Windows & Mac Is Finally Available


Ok, no stupid introductions here. We all know what Whatsapp is & how does it work. But, after the introduction of Whatsapp Web, they have now launched a PC app alongside the Smartphone app. 

Whatsapp Application For Windows & Mac Is Now Available

Just as you can see in the image above, the OS requirement for this application is Windows 8.1 or higher version ( i.e. Windows 10) . For MAC users the required OS version is OS X 10.9 . So, if you are running on lower OS builds, I’m sorry about the compatibility.




The setup process is quite simple. Just download the executable file (.exe for Windows & .dmg for MAC) & install it. After that you need to scan the QR Code displayed on the screen by using the Whatsapp Web option of your Smartphone application.

Whatsapp Application For Windows & Mac Is Now Available

After scanning is finished, all your chats & contacts will be loaded in Whatsapp PC Application & you’re all set. Now if the interface looks famillier then yes, this is the exact same interface as on the Whatsapp Web. We may consider this as the app version of Whatsapp Web instead of a app version of the Whatsapp Mobile.

After setting things up you’ll be able to Get notifications, Reply chats, Customize your profile & almost everything that you can do on your smartphone. If you want to try it out, download the app from the link given below.


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Download Whatsapp Application For PC



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