Flexible AMOLED Displays Will Become Mainstream In 2019 – Thanks To BOE Technology Group !


If you’ve never heard about BOE Technology before, well you’re not the only one. But, they are actually doing something that’s directly proportional to the future of Display technology. Yes, we are talking about the Flexible Displays that has a lot of potential to them. BOE Technology Group have actually pushed this technology to life as the productions have already started a couple of days ago (on 26th October).


Flexible AMOLED Displays To Become Mainstream In 2019Image: BOE


The reports suggest that BOE will soon start shipping their Flexible AMOLED panels that are in production right now, to more than 10 Smartphone vendors in China. This list includes big names like Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, OPPO, Vivo, Nubia & more. According to the BOE CEO, the company can currently produce 48000 Glass Substrates of the size 1850 mm x 1500 mm every month.

Being in production already, High & Mid Range Smartphones and wearable devices are expected to adapt this technology as early as in 2019. And that was kinda expected as Samsung is also making their foldable Galaxy X based on very similar technology. Overall, the future of Flexible Displays in Smartphones & Wearble Tech looks really bright.

This also regenerates out hope for fully Modular Smartphones in the future so, we may see a huge bump in modular technologies in day to day use-case scenarios. And no doubts anymore, we’re already into the next generation of technology. Give it a couple of years more & we’ll start seeing these crazy new technologies in real that we may only can think of right now.


Source: Digitimes

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