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Remember the time when Desktop Computers first came out ? Everyone was super exited to see that, such small a machine had capabilities to make their life easy (at least up-to some point). Now, you cannot even survive with those 1st Gen Computers. And out of the traditional definition of the word “Computer”, we now use this technology everywhere at a super advanced level. We are now trying to make a world with Intelligent Technology with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). So, in this article I will try to make a clear image of the Evolved Technology that we are probably going to get in 2017 or on which Track, Technology will flow this year.

Drones Will Reach New Hights

Exactly one year ago many people were not even interested about Drones. But, the Drone manufacturers pushed them in the way of innovative technology & the picture is now completely different. Now, we have a ton of awesome Drones that are being used by people in a huge number of various fields. These, Drones can be used for Security, Content Creation & much more. Filmmakers are going crazy with Drones these days by including awesome shots from extreme hights & various angles.

Drone makers have seen the need in the industry & as a result we have Drones that are specially built for Filmmakers with awesome Cameras featuring 5K, 4K  & 1080P video recording capabilities for best looking professional footages & active Subject Tracking. These Drones also have built in sensors for tracking the obstacles in-front of it for avoiding collisions. But, unexpected crashes still happen a lot.

There is no doubt that this year, the Drone makers will jump in the game to make Drones even better. So, we have pointed out the things that can be expected & we wish to see from Drones this year.

  1. 6K & 8K video recording capabilities to boost up the productivity line up.
  2. The Obstacle Tracking can be improved a lot & makers shall concentrate on a way to avoid things like thin Wires more accurately.
  3.  Landing of the drones are  kind of of a nightmare these days. So, if the manufactures can make Landing a lot more easy, that will be great because, many  of people damage their lenses & even other parts of the Drones.
  4. Manufacturers may want to work on waterproofing of the Drones. This will open a new way for Filmmakers who want to take shots during Rain. I am not sure about the Inspire 2 but, even the Phantom 4 is not waterproof.
  5. Instead of using a Smartphone as a screen, the makers can add a dedicated screen built into the controller for mid-budget Drones as well. For example, the Mavic PRO costs $999 & still requires a Smartphone as the main screen of the controller.


So, being one of the Top trends of the current Tech era, we hope to see a lot from the Drones this year !

IOT Robots Will Get More Intelligent

The Robotic industry has evolved a lot through these years. We don’t need to control each every movement of the Robots like the old times anymore. We can simply communicate with them and ask them to perform particular tasks.  This has been made possible with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Though, it is still on a beginner level &  at this stage it is not as good as we would expect. Though, in 2016 we have seen manufacturers to focus on IOT Robots a lot. If you are not familiar with the word IOT, it stands for Internet Of Things. The IOT Robots can act as the central control system of your home. They can manage your home Security system, control your smart electronic appliances like TV, Thermostat etc. and they can also help you as a personal assistant. We have seen ASUS to come forward & announce their IOT based complete assistant Robot, Zenbo in 2016 and in CES 2017, we saw LG announcing their IOT based robots. With their home management Robot, HubBot, LG has also announced two other Robots including a Robot who will act as a guide at the airports & the other ones will act as a automatic cleaning system.

All the IOT based Robots have inbuilt support for AI & you can interact with most of them just like you would interact with a human. But, this process has a bag full of limitations. These Robots have a limitation to the language barrier among different countries & that’s leads to less usability to the people who may not know the supported languages. Also, the Robot may not understand everything that you’re saying even if you’re speaking a supported language. Currently these Robots are almost completely dependent on the Internet & that limits their usability as well.

So, this year the manufacturers will definitely try to improve these robots & minimize their limitations. The improvements that manufacturers can do to these Robots are,

  1. The Robots can be a lot less dependent on the Internet. The less they will need to use the Internet, the more intelligent they will be considered.
  2. They can support more & more regional languages around the countries they are available. As many languages they’ll support, the more usable they can be.
  3. Communication can be a lot more conversational & dependency on selected commends can be way less.


So, this is the year of IOT in the Robotic industry & let’s see how the manufacturers can take the game to the next level.


Electric Cars Will Drive The Automobile Industry

The Cars have also evolved a lot. Instead of using typical Petrol & Diesel engines the cars are now going with Electrical engines that run using Batteries. Most of these cars are packed with awesome technology & at the same time these are Environment Friendly as well. In 2016 we saw amazing electric cars from the market giants including Tesla & in CES 2017, we saw brands like BMW, Nissan, Faraday to come up with their futuristic concept cars. As you would expect, all these cars were Electric cars. The most handy feature of these modern electric cars is that, they can be controlled via. an application installed in a Smartphone. These, apps offer the full access to almost all the controls including the Doors, Windows, Rooftop glass & even the Wheels that make parking a lot easy. These cars have inbuilt sensors to locate the obstacles in-front of it to help avoid the possible collisions while using the self-driving feature. These features get the job done in most cases but, still they’re far from being perfect.

Tesla already brought a lot of innovation to Electric cars last year & this year, we expect to see a lot of additions from them & from the other brands as well. In this segment the manufacturers can,

  1. Improve & increase the number of the sensors so, the self-driving can be safer & the need of keeping hands on the staring most of the time can minimize.
  2. Holographic touch controls can be expected as BMW already showcased them in their concept car, early this year.
  3. A built in assistant, something just like Google Now or Siri can be implemented right into the car’s software. That can communicate & show suggestions for nearby Charging Stations, Hospitals, Police Stations, Restaurants, Markets & other places that can be needed during the travels.


Seeing a big potential in Electronic cars, let’s hope for some extraordinary cars this year !


Also, we will see some great innovations in Smartphones, Gaming Laptops, Smart home gadgets & more as well. So, keep an eye on them too.


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