Huawei P20 And P20 Plus – What To Expect ?


It’s no secret that the Huawei P20 & P20 Plus are going to be one of the biggest Huawei players this year in the game of Smartphone Photography & people are going absolutely crazy on the leaks. So, what are the exact expectations that you should keep from these devices ? Well, that’s what this article is all about so, keep on reading.

The P20 & P20 Plus are Camera centric Smartphones but, a good Camera Smartphone generally comes with great Hardware as well. So, before we go to the Camera segment, we need to visit the Hardware segment first.


So, just as we saw in the Mate 10 & Mate 10 Pro, the Huawei P20 & P20 Plus will come in different screen sizes. Both the devices will spot the new 18:9 Aspect ratio. However, if a previous leak is true then, the Aspect Ratio can even be bumped to 19:9 in the P20 or P20 Plus. The resolution will definitely go all the way upto 2K (1440P). Screen types, we are not sure but an OLED Display, is expected at least in the P20 Plus. A new FCC listing reveals that one of the variants of the P20 even might have a iPhone X like Notch.

Now, coming to the Internals, both the P20 & the P20 Plus will be powered by the new Kirin 970 SOC. The Kirin 970 is similarly powerful as the Snapdragon 835 but, what makes it different is it’s AI capabilities. So, the Kirin 970 has a dedicated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) built in. With all these Capabilities, the Kirin 970 Equipped devices include smart features like subject recognition in the Camera and the P20 will bw no exception here. Other internals will include upto 6 Gigabytes of RAM, 128 Gigabytes of Internal Storage & Big Batteries.

Huawei P20 And P20 Plus - What To Expect

I guess that Finally brings us to the Cameras & this is going to be a big one this time. So, Huawei has been working with Leica from a couple of years now but, the real deal in the P20 Series is probably going to be a whole lot extra. According to a previous leak, one or both the models of the P20 series will have Three freaking Cameras on the Back. Okay, so it’s not the first time that we’re seeing three back Cameras on a Smartphone cause, we’ve seen it in Google Tango based Smartphones but, the purpose for the Cameras of the P20 will be completely different. It is actually expected to be Capable of 40 Megapixel Photos & 5X Hybrid Zoom which suggests that the Monochrome Sensor may not be present in one or both the models. But, the extended capabilities will be helpful depending on what kind of photos, the users are willing to take with the device. In the Front there might be a 24MP Front Facing Camera.

There will be no 3.5mm Headphone Jack in the devices which is again pretty common in 2018 & the Battery capacities might stay between 2900-3500 mAh. Fast Charging will be supported on both the models.



There is not a whole lot in the Software department that’ll be changing here. It’s going to be the same Android Oreo based EMUI 8. So, a custom UI experience which you may or may not like.

However, the Camera will still have Smart Subject Recognition like the Mate 10 or Honor View 10 but, there will be some additions for the extra Camera features that Huawei will be adding to the device. Image Processing may also improve a bit. The software will also include enhanced Face Unlock features.



The Huawei P20 & P20 Plus are going to be expensive devices. We don’t have any clue about the exact pricing of the devices but, if we had to guess, the P20 shall be anywhere around $749-$799 & the P20 Plus might be around $899-$949 .


So, that’s it for this Huawei P20 Series expectations article. The device will be unveiled on 27th March in Paris. As confirmations keep coming, we’ll keep updating this article. Definitely let us know your expectations about the device in the comments section below.

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