Giropay: A Quick Guide



When shopping online, you’ve probably noticed almost every merchant out there uses a great variety of payment methods to accommodate their clients’ needs. The first one you can mention off the top of your head will most likely be PayPal. After all, this popular platform has been around for a while, having made a name for itself globally. However, several other platforms today offer exceptional service and are steadily gaining more and more popularity. Depending on where you live, some payment platforms might be more useful to you than others. If you reside in Germany or you’re currently using a German bank account to make some of your transactions, Giropay is the way to go for you.

What Is Giropay?

Giropay is an online bank integrator that’s been around since 2006. By working together with more than 1,500 German banks, Giropay has become one of Germany’s leading payment methods. It is used for about 16% of all online transactions in the Teuton country, making it the preferred interbank service for over 40 million shoppers, and the most trusted method available for this specific market.

Unlike other online platforms, Giropay uses real-time transfers between banks and merchants. This platform’s immediacy is achieved by redirecting the costumers to their online banking website to validate each payment at checkout. Once the transaction is initiated, Giropay will give the account holder an instant confirmation of whether their card was charged or if the deal fell through. Thanks to this sophisticated transaction, Giropay is pretty much bullet-proof, and the risk of unrecognized payments, or even fraud, is almost non-existent. When using this method, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever have to deal with disputes or any other issues caused by unreliable payment processors.

How Does Giropay Work?

Thanks to Giropay’s technology, you’ll never have to give your credit or debit card numbers directly to any merchant. Giropay works as an intermediary to ensure your data stays in your hands since your bank processes every payment. This secure payment method is remarkably intuitive and very easy to use by customers of all ages by following some simple and direct instructions provided on their devices’ screen. One of the main characteristics that make Giropay different from other online payment servers is that there is no need to open an account to make any transactions.

Once you’ve selected Giropay to make your purchase, look at the list of eligible banks and choose yours. Although highly unlikely, there are times you might not find the name of your favored banking institution on said list. It may be a temporary bump in the road, but it doesn’t mean you won’t use this alternative in the future. Giropay is continually negotiating and teaming up with new banks to provide a wider variety to its users.

To finalize a transaction, once you’ve selected your bank from the available options, Giropay will redirect you to your online banking site, where you will review your information and the payment details. After you’ve verified that all information is correct, you will have to authorize the payment and wait for your bank’s confirmation. If your card is accepted, you’ll be able to enjoy your online purchase immediately.

Your banking information is safe when using Giropay. All sensitive personal information is encrypted by very modern and reliable security systems that will help you make sure your money goes where you need it. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that the only currency accepted by the platform is the euro.


Online merchants everywhere are adopting different payment methods to reach a broader market. They strive to give current and potential customers alike more alternatives to make their transactions safely. Nowadays, many online gambling sites accept the vast majority of these payment platforms, and some casinos might even give you a welcome bonus just for paying through a particular platform. If you’re gambling from Germany, try playing on a Giropay online casino and enjoy playing while knowing your winnings are in safe hands.

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