Google & Evernote Join Hands – Find Google Drive On Your Evernote


Google Drive On Evernote

Google Account, hence all of them can access Google Properties. Lately we have seen millions people using Evernote and so are we. For all of those who have an Evernote account, they can now access Google Drive.  With this collaboration between Google and Evernote, you can now easily save, organise and send your data.

Mostly everyone has a

What are the benefits of using Google Drive on Evernote?

There is a lot of benefit of using Google Drive in Evernote.

  1. You can easily access your files without switching the tab/app.
  2. Edit done on Google Drive can be seen in Evernote too.
  3. Searching file on Evernote becomes easier.

Chris O’Neill, CEO of Evernote said “Once people see how well Evernote and Google Drive work together, they’ll use both products intuitively.

Account to the Press Release by Evernote, they say that this is just the beginning. This same feature will be available soon on other platforms soon.

If you have a Evernote account, then you can use this new feature from today.


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  1. John Angelico says

    Great theory, but nowhere does the press release explain whether I need a pay-for Evernote account.

    I tried the Beta at Evernote but still could not see the Drive icon to tell me I had access to my Drive files.

    Since I am on Evernote Basic (free level) only, I am guessing that it is a pay-for option.

    But it would be more helpful for Evernote to tell me straight away.

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