New 5G technology developed: KT, Ericsson


KT Announced 5G technology

It have been the first time that KT, with Ericsson has developed 5G the  5th generation mobile network. KT is the 2nd largest mobile carrier and Ericsson is one of the leading network equipment makers in Swedish.

This last Tuesday they announced this 5G technology. This technology was developed to cut down the redundant amount of overlapping and disturbance in the frequency.

Head of KT’s Infrastructure R&D Lab and Institute of Convergence Technology, Jeon Hong-Beom said, “We have obtained a cost-efficient wireless network establishment and management technologies for the 5G network through technological cooperation with Ericsson.” Later he added, “This new technology will help us to establish the next-generation long-term evolution network and the 5G network base stations to ultimately provide the best wireless connection.

This new technology developed, will help to maintain the amount of frequency between two capacity base stations. Once is called as ‘macro cells’ and another is called as ‘small cells. Both the cells are under one network infrastructure called as “HetNet.” This technology is used to boost the data transfer capacity and hence, the technology is said to be the most efficient tool for people having 5G networks.

The confirmation of the 5G technology was made by KT, and they also said that more 20% of improvement is about to be made. This new 5G technology will keep our device working smooth instead of giving us the network coverage area. This technology guarantees us the more stable and quality mobile network.

Martin Wiktorin, CEO, Ericsson-LG said, “We have tapped into KT’s wireless network management capability with our leading network equipment technologies. We are hopeful that we can create synergy in leading the 5G mobile network in the future.


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