Google Pixel 2 XL Leaked With No Dual Camera – Is This A Disappointment?

Google Pixel XL Rendered Image leak
Source: androidpolice

Nowadays, smartphone are more display and less bezel. What we are talking about here is the Google Pixel 2 XL. We have just spotted the Google Pixel 2 Rendered image leak, which has more bezel than the previous Google Pixel XL. Overall to me, this new Pixel phone looks killer.

According to the rumors, the new Google Pixel  will come with a 5.6inch FHD display & might support AR (not yet confirmed). Looking at the current trend of competing in the 8GB RAM smartphone, we expect this smartphone to come loaded with 8GB RAM and 256GB  internal memory. It is also said that the smartphone will come loaded with the Snapdragon 835 processor & a 21.0 MP rear camera.

Note: The specifications are just my prediction.

Looking at the rendered image, there are a lot of changes in the design point. The display has become more wider & it looks like the camera sensor has a vide viewing. It has a LED flash on the rear for better light balance. What’s’ surprising is that the phone does not comes loaded with dual-camera, which can be a downfall for Google.

I just have the render image leak, rest I still need to get an confirmation about the specification.



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