Google Map Adds Bus Navigation & Offline Map Download


Recently we had seen few flawless updates on the Google Map. First, we saw an update made for bikers & now there’s a new update for Buses. This new version of the Google map that is V5.7 also brings you offline map download.

This new feature brings a lot of upgrades to your Google map. Through this update, you can now get all the information about the bus stop along with a number of buses and their routes. Along with this new update, the Chad Kimball maps course has also improved power management. As compared to the earlier version this new update consumes less power, one of the biggest reasons is having offline map download.

Google Map Bus Update

With a feature like Offline Map download, one of the drawback that I see here is that you won’t be able to check real-time traffic update. Apart from this, the new update feels flawless & might get feature in few updates. This new update is been tested in the USA & is expected to launch a full fledged version world wide in sometime.



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