Google Pixel Buds A Wireless Earbud Launched For $159


We had already confirmed the removal of headphone jack from the Google Pixel 2, which came true today. With no headphone jack in the Google Pixel 2 series, Google introduced Google Pixel Bud a wireless headset. This got introduced today at the Google Pixel 2 launch.

Google has kept the design of the headset simple with some great decibels. Unlike Apple, Google Pixel 2 has wire around it to hold it tight. This headset can connect to any device which is preloaded with Android 5.0 or higher. The 120mAh battery does a decent work but not amazing that can last upto 5 hours with just one charge. Considering the impossibility to carry charger everywhere, the box of this headset comes loaded with 620mAh battery case so that you can experience audio on the go.

You will find a touch pad on the right side on the headset, which will help to control your call, music & other functions.  if you feel the headset has not set-up properly into the your ears you can find an adjustable loop to control your comfortness.

What’s unique? This was the first question that came in mind about this headphone, but there is one unique feature that other brands will follow soon in their smartphone in future. The headset comes along with real time language translator.

This initiative will soon break language barrier.

The language translator works as soon as you start Google assistance support in your headset. To do that hold the button in the right earbud  to start the Google Pixel assistance.  Overall this headset seems quite featureful as compared to Apple headset.



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