How To Convert PDF To Word: Without 3rd Party Software


One of the most common challenges faced by people (especially students) who use computers to create and edit documents is to convert PDF files to Word documents. As most of us know a PDF file has restrictions on editing or copying content like paragraphs or pictures, thus, making it difficult for those who wish to prepare say a report using content from several PDF files. We at GeekSnipper have created an easy tutorial to circumvent this situation, by fast and easy methods Convert PDF To Word: Without 3rd Party Software.

PS: One of the pre-requisites for the listed methods is using a Windows 8 or higher equipped PC.

This is the most basic method which can be used provided you are using Windows 8 and the latest version of MS Office.

Follow Three Steps To Convert PDF To Word:

Step 1: Go to the PDF file, right click on it.

Step 2: Select “Open With”, Click WORD

Step 3: Wait for the file to open in Word. When completed Save the converted file to desired location.

Note: Only applicable for PDF files that have no security. Method only applicable for System with Windows 8 or higher version.

The limitation in this process is that the images or graphics cannot be converted, but only text can.


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