How to Fix Err_Internet_Disconnected Error


ERR_INTERNET_DISCONNECTED is an Internet mistake that happens in Google Chrome when attempting to get to an online page. It’s joined by the T-Rex picture and the No web message. Google Chrome shows three proposals that you can attempt to get your Internet association fully operational once more. Nonetheless, in the event that they come up short, you can attempt other potential arrangements.

What is Internet?

The meaning of the internet is it is the network of several computers and other computers peripheral around the globe. Using the internet able to get any kind of information and also we can communicate with others they are anywhere in the world. We perform all this work because our system is connected to the Internet. We call this online. Whenever we say online that means our system is connected to the internet.

What is WWW ( World Wide Web)?

The World Wide Web is the combination of several websites we can connect with the help of the internet. The website contains the data, pictures, and other elements. Websites are also one kind of media as newspaper information, television episodes, anyone that could communicate and it’s something different when compared with others to computers.

Ways to Solve the Issue Err_Internet_Disconnected

Before solving the problem err_internet_disconnected problem and checking the below-mentioned instructions.

  1. Check whether we are connected to the router or internet service provider broadband correctly. Whenever we use any wireless internet connection then see the speed and the internet access by testing with other peripherals connected to the system.
  2. Find if there is any corrupted WAN cable whenever we are using the internet broadband connection.
  3. Finally, see if any latest software we are installed in our computer updated the systems firewall options.

1. Remove the WLAN Profiles

WLAN profiles are also called wireless profiles, these profiles are created each occasion whenever we put wireless network. In this procedure remove all our wireless profiles. This process is useful for us in case we are using a Wi-Fi connection to our devices.

Below is the procedure to delete the profiles

  • Click on the Windows + X key on the keyboard.
  • Choose the Command prompt from the options window. ( Another procedure to do this: Press on start menu then type CMD in the Run dialog box and select Run as Administrator).
  • Then type Netsh WLAN show profiles.
  • Remove each profile by using the below command.

Netsh WLAN delete profile name=” Name of Profile

After following the above steps, restart the system and then attempt to connect to the wireless internet by giving the password. Almost this procedure solves our wireless internet problem any case it will not solve the problem we see the other solution.

2. Modify IP/ TCP Settings After Removing DNS

Check our ADSL, DSL, or router whenever we call the internet access peripheral. Try to restart those peripherals. Then press on the start menu and type CMD in the Run dialog box it will open the command prompt. In the command prompt, we will type the following commands step by step to solve the issue.

  • ipconfig/flushdns
  • inconfig/renew
  • Netsh int IP set DNS
  • Netsh Winsock reset

After type the above command now we need to restart the computer and attempt to get to the internet. Almost we solve the problem of err_internet_disconnected.

3. Modify the Internet Setting

Now we try to error slove err_internet_disconnected by giving the default proxy server settings. While using the proxy server that will not show the actual IP address. The proxy server plays a role as a mediator between us and the client-server that was we are trying to get the data. Whenever if any malware or any other virus enters the system that time our computers default proxy server settings are modify. The proxy server settings also modify at the time we are using VPN software.

Below is the procedure to restore the default proxy settings.

  • Press on the start menu and select the control panel.
  • Choose the Internet Options.
  • Select the Connections menu.
  • Press on LAN settings.
  • In the Proxy server choice, we need to un-tick it. After giving this option it will avoid any damage from any other server.
  • Then restart the computer and again check the steps if the settings are modified or not.
  • In case all the good then we attempt to connect to the internet.

4. The Antivirus Software Needs to be Disabled

If we are using any antivirus in that we set the internet security options, that will also set its default firewall. We need to disable the firewall option in the antivirus software and restart the system.

5. The Cookies and History of the Browser to be Removed

The last option is we need to remove all the information that is in the browser except site login information. Cookies from the websites that are threatened are reasons for internet problems. At that time we need to remove the browser information from our system. Below is the procedure to remove the cookies.

  • Click on any browser.
  • Press on the three dots that are at the top right corner of the browser.
  • Choose the option History. Now click on History.
  • Then press on clear browser data and choose that was the beginning of time from the pick-list.
  • We choose all information except the reset password and then press on clear browsing data.

After doing all the above steps we restart the computer. And try to open the browser and try to connect to the internet.

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