How will the COVID-19 Vaccine be Transported

How will the COVID-19 Vaccine be Transported
How will the COVID-19 Vaccine be Transported

Have you heard the good news? Our gift this year is the covid-19 vaccines, as you would expect! Pfizer-BioNTech has been finally approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to administer the vaccines under the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA).

The President-Elect, Joe Biden, has already received the vaccine. The FDA has also approved the Moderna Vaccine for emergency administration. Till now, more than a million people have received one or the other covid-19 vaccine. The number might sound a lot; still, it is just a drop in the ocean compared to the 7 billion people worldwide.

Supplying vaccines all over the world will be a task like no other. The most talked-about Pfizer vaccines require -70-degree Celsius to store. So, yes, refrigerated or reefer trucks and containers will be the preferred shipping method.

Possible Integrated Transportation Solution

Almost all the big shipping companies are in a race to ship and deliver bulk vaccine orders, even to the most remote parts of the world. At first, the vaccine will only be delivered to hospitals, pharmacies, and clinics. Many of these organisations are concerned about whether the vaccine will maintain its quality on such a long haul journey. However, some of the logistics solutions offered are pretty reassuring.

Attached Sensors to Packages

It has been sometime since the major shipping companies are providing real-time data to the customers. These companies attach sensors to the container and package that regularly sends a live feed to the app or website accessed by the customer. It notifies temperature, humidity, geolocation, time of arrival, and even vehicle speed.

These sensors use radio frequency and satellites to emit data even when in the air or ocean. Since many of the sensors are attached directly to the container, you will also know when the vaccines are going through transit, offloading, loading, and if they are in any distress.


Such technology and the massive data generated all the year-round are key to Covid-19 vaccine distribution. With the help of data analytics, the software can predict which route is the safest for the life saving cargo. The allows for less logisticsmishpas and even shows the port that handles such sensitive containers efficiently. You can work out the safest and optimum way for the vaccine from the source to the destination with the help of analytics.

Proof of Delivery App

Now, most likely, you do not have a -70-degree Celsius medical storage for such large vaccine shipments. You will have to use a dedicated warehousing facility to store them. With a proof of delivery app,you can know whether the vaccines have reached the warehouse for special tempreture controlled storage. Such applications shows the e-signature of the recipient, authorizer, docking photos, and barcodes embedded for you to cross-check with the terminals. Proof of delivery also serves as proof of passing each transit or checkpoints.


Every country is taking pro-active measures to adequately distribute considerable amounts of the vaccines. Since it is not possible to produce 7 Billion vaccines at a time, authorities are taking steps to ensure a fair, systematic distribution. For smooth global vaccine deliveries using technology in transportation is paramount.


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