How Your Phone is the Key to Saving More Money


If you only ever use your phone to watch videos and doom scroll on social media, you might be surprised to learn that this handheld device is a financial tool. 

With a smartphone in your hand, there are countless apps and online resources at your fingertips that make saving a breeze. Below, you’ll find ways to leverage these resources to manage your finances like a pro. So grab your phone and get ready to unlock the secrets to saving more money!

Download Cash-back and Coupon Apps

Gone are the days when you had to clip paper coupons to save at the store. Now you download apps that deliver digital versions of these coupons straight to your screen, ready to scan at the till or online. 

They join a variety of apps that help you save money fast by offering discounts on everyday shopping. These apps can help you save money on groceries, clothing, dining out, gas, and more. 

Sign up for Online Banking

If you want on-demand access to your finances anywhere you get cell service, download your bank’s app. You can sign into track your spending, review transactions, and set up automated savings transfers without having to make your way to a bank branch. Take advantage of features like mobile check deposit and bill payments to streamline your financial tasks and avoid unnecessary fees.

Comparison Shop for the Best Deals

Not sure if you found the best price for an item on your wishlist? Use your smartphone to do some sleuthing. Throw the product you want to buy into an Internet search to compare prices across different brands. Don’t forget to read reviews and consider factors like shipping costs to make an informed buying decision.

The same logic applies to any product or service you need in the future, including bank accounts, personal loans, lines of credit, and repair professionals. Use your phone to compare options and find the best one available to you today. 

Complete Surveys to Earn Money

Turn your downtime into cash by participating in online surveys. Many survey apps and websites reward you for sharing your opinions. While it may not make you rich, it’s a simple way to earn some extra pocket money or gift cards that can help stretch your budget further. Check out popular survey platforms like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie to get started.

Beware of Social Media Ads

You can’t scroll through Instagram or TikTok without seeing an ad that convinces you to buy things you don’t need or spend money you don’t have. Practice mindfulness and be wary of impulsive purchases. Take a moment to evaluate if the item aligns with your needs and budget before clicking “buy now.”

Use Budgeting Apps

Creating a budget by hand is tedious, to say nothing of the risk of making errors. If math isn’t your strong suit, a budgeting app might be a better alternative. These apps help you track expenses, set savings goals, and keep a close eye on your overall financial health. Popular budgeting apps like Mint, YNAB (You Need a Budget), and PocketGuard can give you a clearer picture of where your money is going and help you save more effectively.

Use Your Phone as the Financial Tool That it Is

Your smartphone is a powerful tool that can help you save more money. From cash-back and coupon apps to online banking and budgeting tools, the possibilities are endless. 

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