Huawei 360 Camera CV60 Comes to European Market After China


Huawei 360 Camera

Huawei’s 360 camera, the Cv60 was only been sold in China and yesterday they have started the sell the 360 camera to European market. This gives an assurance that the brand will slowly start rolling out the device in other countries soon.

The camera has an aperture of  1.8 which comes along with Sony’s 1/3.06 sensor which can  click a photo with an resolution of 5326 x 2688 pixels & videos with the resolution of 1920×960 pixels at 30 fps & 1280×640 pixels at 30fps. For processing it has an iCatch V35 SoC. This device comes with the USB C port which can be connect only to Huawei smartphone with USB type C.

This device can run only on Android 6.0 or higher device & will only run on Huawei EnVizion app. This app is not there in the app store now, but will be available from October 16. The device will be available on 17th October in Hungary on all retailer stores & will be prices 30.99.

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