Huawei May Use A 19:9 Display In An Upcoming Smartphone


According to a new leak, Huawei may move forward to take a step-up over Samsung & bring a 19:9 Display for their next flagship Smartphone where Samsung currently has 18.5:9 which shall stay in the upcoming Galaxy S9 & S9+ as well.

We’re not sure how Huawei is planning to implement this technology but, here’s what we think that the devices may look like.

Huawei May Use A 19:9 Display In An Upcoming Smartphone

However, we hope that Huawei wont copy the Notch design from the iPhone X that has a Display with an Aspect Ratio higher than 19:9 (close to 19.5:9) cause, that’ll probably be the worst decision Huawei can take.

We think if the device actually comes, it shall be really close to the renders given above. Talking about the specifications, the device may come with a 2280×1080 OLED Display, Kirin 970, 6GB RAM & upto 128GB of Internal Storage.

There is not even a single strong hint about what the device will be called. Some sources claim it to be the Honor 10 but, as the Honor View 10 (Honor V10) already exists, it’s hard to be true. However, maybe we’ll see this technology the upcoming P-series Devices from Huawei (might be called the P11 or P12 or something else).


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