This Is Really A Flying Taxi


Flying Taxi When I saw this, it reminded me of sci-fi, futuristic movies where we see flying cars & this concept might come true in the coming future. “Lily” one of the German startup companies has recently designed & developed a very new concept called Flying taxi.

This Flying Taxi was developed with a team of 70 & invested 90 Million USD. The company calls it a commercial flying taxi. So, if you are rich enough & want to go out for a shopping, then you can surely afford this. The company successfully tested this car in April this year.

Will this car require Fuel? No! This is a full electric flying taxi, which means this cannot fly  in height & will need to be up just few feets about the road, which seems safe. This will be a 2 seater aircraft, which they will official launch in 2019 & they claim to launch this in 2025 for commercial use. Looking at the overall concept & design of this flying taxi, I believe there will be other companies who will be interested in developing similar models. It interesting how these things existed in sci-fi geekbooks only but, now, are a reality. What’s important is the price. I have no idea about the price, but I am sure it will definitely make room in your pocket after you buy this. Do share about your thought on this Concept Flying Taxi in the comment below.

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