Huawei’s Next Generation Smartphone Will Charge Up To 90% In 30 Minutes With Super Charging technology


Talking about fast charging, we all know that these technology takes around 30 to 40 minutes to charge up to 60%. On the recent test of Huawei’s charging technology, we spotted that their new SuperCharging technology will help you to charge your device up to 90% in just 30 minutes.

 SUper Fast Charging

This charging adapter has recently got the 3C certification. It has the high output of 10V/4A with an altitude of 5000 meters. With this, it is clear that the power of this charger is high as 40W, which as compared to the 22.5W of the current fast charging technology. This test was done of the Huawei’s P20 series, which is also another indication that this adapter developed is also safe in fast charging smartphones.

With this, it is quite clear that Huawei will soon implement this changes in their upcoming smartphone. This super fast charging technology will really be helpful for those who are always in the hurry & Especially for travelers.

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